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Founded by Dr. John Willard PhD, CAW Industries Inc is the only manufacturer of Dr. Willard's Water® and all Dr. Willard's® products. [...]

Natural Gardening

Rigorous testing has shown that PlantCatalyst® stimulates plants in powerful ways, increasing cellular absorption, retention, and utilization of nutrients. [...]

Located in Rapid City, South Dakota

Our headquarters sit on the footsteps of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Welcome to Dr. Willard’s official website. We are the ONLY manufacturer of Willard Water® and all Dr. Willard® products

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about our amazing Dr. Willard’s® products. Forty years ago, Dr. John Willard, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, developed a complex formula that alters the molecular structure of normal water. Water which has been altered by Dr. Willard’s patented micelle catalyst becomes more efficient and more reactive. Testing has shown that when ingested by plants and animals, Dr. Willard’s Water® creates a more biologically active form of water in the bloodstream, so it does a better job of performing basic functions such as delivering food and nutrients to cells and expelling toxins. In the forty years since Dr. Willard made his amazing discovery, Dr. Willard’s Water® has been used by thousands of customers all over the world for a variety of applications such as improving personal health, increasing agriculture production and maintaining pet health. Dr. Willard’s sons and grandchildren are still selling his Water to customers all over the world. We encourage you to explore Dr. Willard’s official website to learn more about Dr. Willard and his wonderful Dr. Willard’s Water®. We believe you will come to the same conclusion as our customers — Dr. Willard’s Water® works.