Like all living beings, plants get their nutrients through cells, and their ability to grow and flourish is directly tied to cellular absorption, retention, and utilization of nutrients.  Gardeners and professional growers have been using Dr. Willard’s Water® products to enhance cellular absorption of nutrients for nearly 40 years.  These growers have found that using Dr. Willard’s on plants will help stimulate plant health, growth, and yield with spectacular results.  We developed Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® specifically for use on plants and PlantCatalyst® is the only Dr. Willard’s product specifically designed and government approved for use on plants. Gallon-webpage-199x300The potential impact of Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® on plants, even in very dilute solutions, was first identified in one of Dr. Willard’s first published experiments conducted in a commercial greenhouse. He and Dean Sime, owner of the Jolly Lane Greenhouse in Rapid City, South Dakota, added one ounce (30 ml) of PlantCatalyst® to a 1,000 gallon (4,000 litre) reservoir and reduced Sime’s standard nutrient application by 50% (see Roy Jacobsen, Aqua Vitae, 1992, pages 69-71). Sime’s testimony in a video also entitled, Aqua Vitae, mentions improvements in seed germination, sturdier stocks, more blooms and more buds (see also Jacobsen, pages 69-71). The results of that experiment have been supported in subsequent years by test data on over 100,000 plants in commercial greenhouses in Florida, Ontario and British Columbia and studies at institutions such as the University of Wisconsin and South Dakota State University, among others.  Many of the studies can be viewed by visiting the research tab on our PlantCatalyst® website here. Like all Dr. Willard’s Water® products, the precise mechanism behind how PlantCatalyst® actually operates within the plants’ cells remains a bit of a mystery, but the reported impact on plants is well documented and fairly extensive.  Benefits of using Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® include:
  • Larger and/or greener plants
  • More blooms and/or plants blooming earlier
  • Sturdier stocks and/or more extensive root systems
  • Greater resilience in stressful growing environments
  • More yield per plant, larger fruit/flowers and enhanced flavor and aroma
PlantCatalyst® and other Dr. Willard® products have been tested and analyzed by many reputable laboratories, universities and commercial greenhouse owners/operators around the world. This testing with plants, animals, and humans demonstrates the enhanced cellular absorption and nutrient retention features of these unique products. HOW TO USE DR. WILLARD’S PLANTCATALYST® NOTE:  PlantCatalyst® is not designed to replace your nutrients/fertilizer but rather to serve as an addition to your normal nutrient/fertilizer routine.  However, PlantCatalyst® will significantly increase the plant’s ability to utilize nutrients so you may want to reduce the amount of fertilizer you’re using by 30-50% if applying PlantCatalyst®. HOME GARDENING Prior to planting, soak seeds in a PlantCatalyst® solution comprised of one ounce of PlantCatalyst® added to one gallon of water. After seeds are planted, spray the plant once daily with a diluted PlantCatalyst® solution.  Compression or tank sprayers, such as Hudson or Chapin brands sold at Home Depot, Ace Hardware or Lowes, are the most common type of home gardening spray equipment and are best suited for use with Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst®. Sprayer sizes vary greatly, from one quart to four gallons, so finding a model to fit various gardening needs won't be hard.  Once you have one that fits your needs, add one half ounce of Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® per 32 oz of water, but no more than two ounces of PlantCatalyst® per sprayer, and soak seeded area daily until the plant has sprouted.  Once the plant has sprouted, apply the PlantCatalyst® spray solution once or twice a week throughout the growing cycle. GREENHOUSES OR HYDROPONIC GROWING ENVIRONMENTS Prior to planting, soak or spray seeds using a mixture of one ounce of PlantCatalyst® to one gallon of water.  If using rock wool cubes, use this mixture to soak your cubes prior to seeding.  You can also use this mixture to soak cuttings prior to planting.  Spray seeds/cuttings with this mixture daily throughout the germination stage. In the reservoir add two ounces of PlantCatalyst® per every 50 gallons of water.  PlantCatalyst® can be combined with any nutrient formula, but watch your plants closely for any signs they’re getting too many nutrients and reduce nutrient levels accordingly. PlantCatalyst® should also be added to your regular foliar spray routine.  For manual operations or smaller crops, mix ½ ounce of PlantCatalyst® to 32 oz. of water and spray a light mist on your plants.  For automated systems or later crops, use the rate recommended for reservoir application above.  Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® should be added to any foliar feed application to increase absorption and effectiveness. ROW CROP OPERATIONS If feasible, prior to planting, soak seeds in a PlantCatalyst® solution comprised of one ounce of PlantCatalyst® added to one gallon of water. If using a pre-planting treatment to hasten seed germination, add two ounces of PlantCatalyst® per 50 gallons of water/treatment solution and apply as directed. For use with a liquid fertilizer as a side dressing, mix three ounces of PlantCatalyst® per 50 gallons of water/fertilizer solution.  The fertilizer solution should contain ½ the amount of fertilizer ordinarily used. When spraying grain and forage crops as a foliar treatment, use two ounces of PlantCatalyst® per 100 gallons of water and spray at a rate of ten gallons per acre. Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.22.28 PM